[VO] Jeux Dangereux, Tome 4 : Worth the Risk

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[VO] Jeux Dangereux, Tome 4 : Worth the Risk

Message par Jm-les-livres le Sam 7 Juin 2014 - 10:40

Jeux Dangereux,
Tome 4 : Worth the Risk

d'Emma Hart

Éditions Hachette
Collection Black Moon

Sortie le
Format relié / 224 pages / €

Présentation de l'éditeur :

She lost a part of her soul when he died.
He lost his right hand man, his ultimate partner in crime.
But it’s that tragedy that might just push them together.

If Kyle Daniels regrets anything, it’s not being home the night his best friend died or going home for his funeral. Leaving Berkeley and heading back to Verity Point, Oregon, for the summer feels like returning to a hollow cave without Cameron there. The only thing that makes it bearable is the knowledge that Roxanne, Cam’s younger sister, is still there.

Roxy Hughes isn’t the same girl he left behind six months ago. Destroyed by losing her older brother, her downward spiral has been uncontrollable. Alcohol and sex is her escape - complete oblivion being the only place she can forget the agony of that night. Because she’s the only one that truly knows it.

Kyle always promised Cam that if anything happened to him he’d protect Roxy, but one kiss takes his need to protect her to a whole new level. Now, she’s more than just his best friend’s sister. She’s everything he wants, and he’s everything she doesn’t know she needs.

But if he doesn’t figure out a way to pull her from the deep, dark hole she’s dug herself, she might just end up the same way as her brother.

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